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Hi danwillie here.

The webmaster, blogger and affiliate marketer of the sites below. More to come!

One thing the 2106 election cycle has showed us is that Google, YouTube, and Facebook filter what they think you should see and view. I use WebCrawler for all my searches and on all my websites.

This is a list of websites I would like to point you toward. I been building websites, blogs, and much more all over the internet. I believe the Internet should be a freedom of the press issue in America only and that each country ought to protect their network from abuse. America needs to govern our internet according to the laws of this land. The Internet is not for Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to take control and rule who is on and who isn’t. The hacking and destruction of business from outside should be blocked by our government. They are required to protect America and its access to us . At one time I had over 100 websites. But because of issues listed above I have less than 20 theses days. The companies listed above are in bed with the government to control, but not in a way that keeps the internet free for Americans. See more at America-in-2020.com

Who is danwillie, a short name for Daniel W Frantz

Here are some vendor products in blogging and website design!

These product vendors use Clickbank to guarantee transactions. In most cases its up to 60 days. Each Vendor presents his or her product using text, pictures, and video to demo why you should purchase their product. If you find any vendor being misleading, please email me a message. at the link on the right. In the vendor listing here, they cover websites, blogging and much more