Equafax worse than hackers

This is Not the Victim’s Fault. Big incidents like this are a growing problem in the age of big data.

Equafax, another company Rich from Americans public data Screws USA!

Danwillie here with some very important info from SANS for every American out there. Please follow Link at the bottom of article to SANS for phone numbers and links. As I said in the past about media companies that have made millions for themselves from American data, They need to be held accountable to the highest accountability. And there methods need to be scrutinize, and processes made fair to all Americans.

What to Communicate About the Equifax Hack By SANS

As most of you have read by now, Equifax was hacked. Equifax is one of four credit rating services, called Credit Bureaus (the other three are Experian, Trans Union and Innovis). This means they harvest (and sell) the financial data and credit ratings of almost every adult citizen in the United States. Yesterday (7 Sep) Equifax announced they were hacked between mid-May through July 2017 and discovered the incident on 29 July. Over 143 million records may be compromised. This includes peoples’ names, Social Security Numbers, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. This is a big deal. If your credit card gets compromised, that can be changed. SSNs, birth dates and full names are MUCH harder to change. Like all major incidents, be prepared for the details to change over the coming days as new information is learned and shared. So, as a security awareness officer what should you be communicating to your workforce? Here are key points about communicating the incident.
Stick to the Known Facts. There will be a growing number of guesses, finger pointing and opinions in the coming days, do not share those as most will be wrong and/or changing.
This is Not the Victim’s Fault. Big incidents like this are a growing problem in the age of big data. Companies collect a huge amount of data about people, data that people have no control over nor can they do anything to protect it. That subject will be shelved for a whole different discussion.

Get Phone Numbers and links at Sans 

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