4 US Cyber Home

4 US Cyber Home

The idea of a worldwide free internet is beyond reason. The Utopia of the idea was back when we were over zealous about this great idea.  We never thought it could bring harm to so many people in so many ways. And worse yet that it could be confiscated by large companies solely for Profit. The internet must be governed, as an asset, by the country it resides in. With the internet growth world-wide, we have given the world of evil, a channel to do what ever they can, to whom ever they want to. The Internet must be controlled and Free with in the laws of each country. The definition of a free internet is across the world politically, socially, and environmentally will defeat each nation that believes it.

There must be gateways between countries govern by the laws within. This freedom of the internet by a world of responsible people is ridiculous. The assumption that people are all responsible without law may be the death of a nation and its people. This is a big hole that is changing the world for the worst.

The list of tragedies with this uncontrolled and totally open internet that has made moguls like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft that now want to control our use of the internet for their profit. To understand what is at the core of networking,  What Google and others have done is to added now 1000+ rules to complicate the issue web communications. If need networking and much more checkout this site. Automation Direct.com

The harm to our people, government, schools and business by people outside and inside this nation is alarming. If you want to see more on American Opinion Click here!

The big Moguls of the Internet have given away America’s best to our enemies and profited. All for this one world order espoused by the elite and carefree people is crap. How deceived we are in America. There is no Trust and Verify, just give, give and give more. Take, take, and take more. The Free internet has gone amuck or as they say in Europe, its foo barred. There is no safe data.

And what is worse, the US government is doing very little to help. Their advises is to pay-up the thieves, we can’t help you.

This is a new site. The last hosting company had problems with my plugins. So I had to move it to Host Clear. All is well and I will have it all back in the next month. We have change the Name for FZ1.us . Its original.


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