Ideas to Secure Internet Borders

  1. Search Engines Control country access. Google is already controlling most of the internet for its own gains. About time they did something to protect America.
  2. In America, all foreign traffic must have a passport. An Electronic Passport that can be blocked for misuse.
  3. Website access controlled common for all.
    Ideas for Internet
    Ideas for Internet

    And .us for USA only access. And so on. A black world away from children with SSL controls. Not a part of .com.

  4. A fixed IP for everyone. Like a social security number or a PKI.
  5. Make ATT, cable companies and other ISP watch dogs technically.They already do this for government after the fact of a crime.
  6. Wrong doers are controlled by the laws of the land or country they are in.
  7. Business communication and private sites on SSL and .biz

These some ideas I am putting together. Some have been looked at in the past. Most have been thrown our by lobbyist not wanting change to protect gain and people promoting a world with not borders. Today, every website in America is swamped by traffic from outside the USA. Search Engine bot from Russia, China, and other unscrupulous countries trying to find holes in a website, so that they can take control of it.

Many sights today are wordpress websites with plugin from everywhere. In most cases security is fairly good. But I have plugins that compromised my websites and had to rebuild them. You don’t know what risk there is until your hacked. We hear of backdoors all the time. Today hosting companies are none cooperative on controlling who accesses your websites. I am hoping clouds like AWS, Microsoft, and Google start controlling who accesses. Its a simple thing to do using todays routers or gateways. This would open bandwidth for legitimate use.

More to come

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