Opinion on Google

Opinion on Google

Affiliate marketers have taken big hits from Google and other search engine. They are constantly finding ways to kill there existences on the web. Most of my 20 site listed here are not listed on Google index. In the last 3 years they have applied there 900 rules to non list websites with no regards to what the content is or what business is on it. They have made themselves god over the internet and all with Obama approval. WWW is now the land of lawlessness. I have much more to say on this at 4uscyber.com

I also just closed my Facebook account. Too much trash talk. Not good for business. They do have a tool Social fixer. But its poorly rated. As a webmaster, I wasted more building Facebook pages with no business results.

To find out more about Google and its nefarious acts against a free internet go to GAB.ai. Currently the last place to find truth about the internet.

I have been a web designer for many years and helped make Google what it is. The data they collected from WWW is now making them millions, and they paid nothing for it.

WWW was to be open to all, not controlled by one company for there profits!

Originally posted 2016-03-25 22:48:52.

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