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  • Wed, 28 Oct 2020 02:03:36 +0000: Every Voter must see! - Pray for USA Today #Pray4USA2day
    Joe Biden is not worthy to be President.. Corruption!
  • Tue, 30 Jun 2020 18:04:44 +0000: We have crossed the line! - Pray for USA Today #Pray4USA2day
    #America has crossed the line!Headed for #Anarchy What we are seeing is a path to total anarchy! I tweeted this today. By the way tweety is useless.  But was able to gather my thoughts. I know this will go no where, but it here it is, THE #Dems AND #ABC #CBS #NBC #CNN ARE NOT […]
  • Sat, 04 Apr 2020 00:32:52 +0000: Corona Gate - Pray for USA Today #Pray4USA2day
    Corona Gate is on the horizon The next witch hunt to come is Corona Gate or some facsimile of that. #Coronagate) Dems are busy setting up the next hoax (#coronavirushoax) The media is jumping on board with all of the news this morning very negative on Trump and his efforts to control this virus. Personally […]
  • Thu, 02 Apr 2020 21:43:50 +0000: TownHall News - Pray for USA Today #Pray4USA2day
    TownHall News – Good source for what is happening in  America today. We have an RSS link to the right of there current news. Great Authors and Journalists. Latest Columns We Didn’t Spend $50 Billion to Get Government-run Airlines In Return Grover Norquist Judge’s Ruling Reduces First Amendment M.D. Kittle Adam Schiff’s Wuhan Flu Investigation […]
  • Thu, 02 Apr 2020 21:31:19 +0000: Pray 4 America - Pray for USA Today #Pray4USA2day
    Timing is everything. The bible is written based on Gods timing. He reveals truths when man is able to accept them. Also there is our timing with God. Many of us are babes in Christ. So all of the truths God has for us aren't revealed when we accept him as Lord and Savior. We must learn the values of God thru reading, fellowship, and Prayer.

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