Today Very Tuff on Webmasters

Today very TUFF on Webmasters and Free Press

  • Google has 900 rules all toward its profit
  • Twitter has PC police
  • Facebook has police of some sort
  • Reddit is complicated
  • All the others may help sometimes

We need a free and open Internet as it was suppose to be. So now we have the Google Internet. It has become a lane for those who control it and can afford it. There is no more free internet.

  • Connection cost are up and controlled
  • SSL required to be visible by browers
  • hosting like godaddy increase cost and decrease services
  • limited bandwidth, memory, cpu, disk and so on.
  • Selling protect when its a government function to protect Americans
  • No regs on anything, the rich and famous d3ecide who is on the internet.
Block Internet control by Mega Internet Companies

Block Internet control by Mega Internet Companies

I am basically retire and tired of where the internet has gone. I has been involved in many aspect of internet before Al gore. We need an American solution to the internet that is safe and keeps out the bad guys. Government needs to be much more involved in protecting american data and demand business conform to that protection. Business needs to open up and make the internet open and free and our constitution says. I have a few sites the twitter’s pc police and googles black have reduced traffic to null. I have several blogs that I am active on. Some are listed at this linkĀ and here. or go to and see them all.

In the past these site have seen traffic up to a thousand a day. before all the rules and PC police. I had the at from twitter during the height of the election. Some of that I paid for. I believe it was 10 dollars total. So it worked with twitter for a while until I wrote an article on the Judges ruling against Trump. Today that article is true because the judges were wrong. But the pingbacks from twitter PC police has stopped a traffic to my site and no matter what I say on twitter, it goes no where.

Mega Internet Blacklisting happens in many ways

Mega Internet Blacklisting happens in many ways

What is really bad is every time I think I am getting ahead google adds more rules for its profits. Bing smart screen is the same. Twitter’s PC police block me. Facebook has never been much value to me. But I do get an occasional ping form them. Reddit is a waste of time.

I like, but its experiencing growing pains, google, facebook and twitter are trying to destroy them.

So in ending, google and the other have done a very good job of PR as they stripped away the free internet. And our past government agency has bought it hook line and sinker that mega internet control was the only way. We Americans need to get smarter and hold the government accountable for the major thefts occurring daily. And Government needs to manage the internet asset. I have several thought at

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