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Who is danwillie, a short name for Daniel W Frantz

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What will America be in 2020?

The webmaster, blogger and affiliate marketer of the sites below. More to come!

One thing the 2106 election cycle has showed us is that Google, YouTube, and Facebook filter what they think you should see and view. I use WebCrawler for all my searches and on all my websites.

This is a list of websites I would like to point you toward. I been building websites, blogs, and much more all over the internet. I believe the Internet should be a freedom of the press issue in America only and that each country ought to protect their network from abuse. America needs to govern our internet according to the laws of this land. The Internet is not for Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to take control and rule who is on and who isn’t. The hacking and destruction of business from outside should be blocked by our government. They are required to protect America and its access to us . At one time I had over 100 websites. But because of issues listed above I have less than 20 theses days. The companies listed above are in bed with the government to control, but not in a way that keeps the internet free for Americans. See more at America-in-2020.com or America2020.us


Internet Freedom

Internet Freedom

Free Internet is Failing

The idea of a worldwide free Internet is ridiculous. The internet must be governed, as any asset, by the country it resides in.  With the internet growth world wide, we have given the world of evil, a channel to do what ever they can to whom ever they want to. The Internet must be controlled and Free within the Laws of each country. The definition of a free internet is different across the world politically, socially, and environmentally. Click here for more information I discuss this more on my internet freedom site. FZ1.us

Internet Freedom
Internet Freedom

Internet Freedom

Block IPs

IP Block on My Sites

I have been using a new block method that is great offer by Bluehost and Hostclear. For several years I have asked for country filtering because many of my hosting accounts are to USA customers. Well they did second best- block by IP. Below I will list the blocks I am currently using with most of my sites. It has made a world of difference in bad comments and hacking attempts.

Hostclear and Bluehost List

Server Setting Beginning IP  ▾ Ending IP

Wordfence 1

Wordfence is No.1 Plugin

I have found Wordfence the single most important plugin for WordPress. Below are several images of my current configurations. I use this on 20 websites, and it works well. The ip blocker use to be big for me, but now I use IP Blockers for hosting accounts. This stops the spammers and hackers for all my site. I use Wordfence scanner to find the bad boys to enter in the IP blockers on hosting. I use premium for paid sites.

Opinion on Google

Opinion on Google

Affiliate marketers have taken big hits from Google and other search engine. They are constantly finding ways to kill there existences on the web. Most of my 20 site listed here are not listed on Google index. In the last 3 years they have applied there 900 rules to non list websites with no regards to what the content is or what business is on it. They have made themselves god over the internet and all with Obama approval. WWW is now the land of lawlessness. I have much more to say on this at http://FZ1.us.

I also just closed my Facebook account. Too much trash talk. Not good for business. They do have a tool Social fixer. But its poorly rated. As a webmaster, I wasted more building Facebook pages with no business results.



I have been a web designer for many years and helped make Google what it is. The data they collected from WWW is now making them millions, and they paid nothing for it.

WWW was to be open to all, not controlled by one company for there profits!

Internet Freedom destroyed

Google destroys Websites and ruins Freedom of the Internet!

In 2015, the arrogance of Google was on full display on TV. They announced the de-ranking of all websites that are not Mobile Ready. They can’t de-rank me any further. All my sites are de-ranked by the 890 other rules they have dreamed up in the last year. Enough is enough. Damn Google, and it arrogance. Damn the arrogance of mobile users trying to destroy the freedom of the Internet. Google designed the Androids with this intention of forcing the internet to comply. This functionality could be designed into the phones, But Google wanted a gestapo method of controlling the internet.

The millions of dollars Google is forcing small business to spend so they control the internet content and how it is displayed is so wrong. The wealth that Google has is because of the data they got from a free internet. Now they are using there gain to ruin the internet.

Remember, they designed the Android and the search Engine. They could have fixed this themselves. Instead, for more profits and control they decide to do this. Click here to see more on Internet Freedom

Protect Internet Borders and Internet Freedom. Checkout Freedom Zoneus