Google destroys Websites and ruins Freedom of the Internet!

In 2015, the arrogance of Google was on full display on TV. They announced the de-ranking of all websites that are not Mobile Ready. They can’t de-rank me any further. All my sites are de-ranked by the 890 other rules they have dreamed up in the last year. Enough is enough. Damn Google, and it arrogance. Damn the arrogance of mobile users trying to destroy the freedom of the Internet. Google designed the Androids with this intention of forcing the internet to comply. This functionality could be designed into the phones, But Google wanted a gestapo method of controlling the internet.

The millions of dollars Google is forcing small business to spend so they control the internet content and how it is displayed is so wrong. The wealth that Google has is because of the data they got from a free internet. Now they are using there gain to ruin the internet.

Remember, they designed the Android and the search Engine. They could have fixed this themselves. Instead, for more profits and control they decide to do this.

Protect Internet Borders and Internet Freedom. 

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